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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Bridge course materials in Mathematics for secondary school teachers of Kerala promoted from Upper Primary schoolsUpadhyaya, B. S.
2004-05The perception of teachers, teacher educators and student teachers about the importance and attainment of objectives of a method course in Mathematics in elementary teacher education - A comparative studyBabu, V.J.
2007-02Workshop for development of modules on strategies to overcome difficulty areas in secondary school Mathematics and English of KeralaKesavan, Shubha; Shamala, S. K.
2003-06Inservice training programme in Mathematics for the PGTs of NVS-02-06-2003 to 22-06-2003Basti, B. C.
1997Enrichment materials in Mathematics for class IX of KarnatakaUpadhyaya, B. S.
2003Training of key persons on improvement of content competence of Mathematics teachers at senior secondary level for Kerala and Tamil Nadu (PAC Programme)Basti, B. C.
2002A study on the performance in Mathematics and attitude towards Mathematics of the students at the terminal stage of upper primary levelJayadevain, S.K.
1996Evaluation of competency based instructional materials developed by Kerala-basic MathematicsRao, P. Ramachandra
2006A comparative study of students and investigator perception of teacher’s performance and teaching’s self-efficacy in teaching Mathematics at elementary levelKannmala, Kiran Kumar
2003-05A re-look at the attainment of MLLs in Mathematics at the terminal stage of primary Education after decadeShobha, G.