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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Training package for paper setters on the latest trends, issues and practices in evaluation at the secondary levelViswanathappa, G.
2004Training programme on utilization of SPSS software package for quantative educational data for the faculty Regional Institute of Education (NCERT) ,MysoreViswanathappa, G.; Basavayya, D.
2004Training programme on supervisory skills for headmasters of high schools and higher secondary schools of Tamil NaduJangaiah, C.; Viswanathappa, G.
2018Report of the Training Programme on Teaching of Statistics for Economics Teachers working in PU Colleges of KarnatakaViswanathappa, G.
2006-12Training programme on ulitisation of SPSS software package for qualitative analysis of educational data for IASE/CTE and DIET faculty of Tamil Nadu and PondicherryViswanathappa, G.
2001-06Study of effective and ineffective school education committees(SECs) and their Impact on enrolment,retention and achievement in DPEP districts of Andhra PradeshViswanathappa, G.; Lakshminarayana, U.; Jangaiah, C.
2001-03Computer based instructions for teacher educators at Secondary levelViswanathappa, G.
2002-03Induction programme for newly appointed DIET faculty of Andhra PradeshJangaiah, C.; Lakshminarayana, U.; Viswanathappa, G.
1998Impact of State Resource Group (SRG) training programmes on teachers' classroom practices and learners' achievement in DPEP districts of Andhra PradeshViswanathappa, G.
2009Development of guidelines and formats for assessment and accreditation of schoolsViswanathappa, G.