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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Bahula taragathi vidya bhodhana (Upadhyaya Saamuhika Deepika)Sharma, Premlata
2003Hand book on teaching strategies for inclusive educationSharma, Premlata
1997Handbook for primary school teachers on Multigrade teachingSharma, Premlata
1998Handbook on teacher support material for intervention in multigrade schools of Vizianagaram, Andhra PradeshSharma, Premlata
1997Impact of Interventional strategies on attainment of MLL competencies in multigrade schoolsSharma, Premlata
2011-08National seminar on preparation and professional development of teacher educators-A reportSharma, Premlata; Murthy, C.G.Venkatesha; Chandranna, V.
2001-03Orientation on "Integrated Education for disabled children" for teacher educators of Andhra PradeshJangaiah, C.; Sharma, Premlata; Ramaa, S.
2005Perception and understanding on women empowermentSharma, Premlata; Shamala, S. K.
2000Planning inclusive education for disabled in small schoolsSharma, Premlata; Anwar, G.
2000Pre and post-results on attainment of MLL competencies by students of Class I and II from Bondapalli and Gantyada DPEP blocks of Vijayanagaram, Andhra PradeshSharma, Premlata; Anwar, G.; Jangaiah, C.
2011Readings in teacher Education:Preparation and professional developmentSharma, Premlata; Murthy, C.G.Venkatesha
1998Research report on identifying nonmastery levels in first language,Mathematics and EVS for Class I and II,Vijayanagaram,Andhra PradeshSharma, Premlata
1997Teacher empowerment and teacher effectivenessVasistha, K. K.; Sharma, Premlata; Lakshminarayana, U.
2006-03Training of teacher education from Kerala on inclusive educationSharma, Premlata
1999Training package for teacher educator on multi level teaching in multi grade schoolsSharma, Premlata
2001Value perception on gender equality and equal participation by children with visual and hearing impairmentsSharma, Premlata