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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-05Activity based approach for teaching Environmental studiesRao, Manjula P.
2001-05Activity based evaluation in Environmental StudiesRao, Manjula P.; Lakshminarayana, U.
2008Applying research to school Education-A training package for SSA and DIET functionariesRao, Manjula P.
2007Constructivist approach to learning Science(A package for teachers and teacher educators)Rao, Manjula P.
2000-05Continuous and comprehensive evaluationRao, Manjula P.
2011Continuous and comprehensive evaluation-Source book for teachers and key resource functionaries at elementary stageRao, Manjula P.
2002Development and implementation of a scheme of school based evaluation system at primary stage in Demonstration school, MysoreRao, Manjula P.
1995Development of a curriculum of Scientific literacy for neo-literates and a study of its effectivenessRao, Manjula P.
2015Education for sustainable development-A Source book for teachersRao, Manjula P.
2003Effect of concept mapping in science on science achievement, cognitive skills and attitude of studentsRao, Manjula P.
2001-06Effectiveness of the continuous and comprehensive evaluation training programme over the evaluation practices of primary school teachers - A DPEP research study in Tamil NaduRao, Manjula P.
2004-03Evaluation in schools: A training packageRao, Manjula P.
2006Evaluation reforms in school education-A study of Kerala stateRao, Manjula P.
2009Guidelines for reformulating teacher training course(TTC) of elementary education in Kerala-A ReportRao, Manjula P.
1998Impact of SOPT training programme on the class room practices of teachers-A study in Andhra PradeshRao, Manjula P.
1998Impact of SOPT training programme on the class room practices of teachers-A study in KarnatakaRao, Manjula P.
2001Implementation of operation Blackboard scheme in KeralaPrasad, S. N.; Rao, Manjula P.
2007Problems and challenges related to the process of growing up among the Tribal adolescents of south KarnatakaRao, Manjula P.
2006-03Relevance of Upanishads to value EducationRao, Manjula P.
1998Teachers competencies and learners achievement in the tribal areas of Karnataka stateRao, Manjula P.